Cheap Car Paint – Is it worth the price?

With many Americans being directly affected by the economic slowdown over the last 5 years, the temptation to use cheap car paint on repair and restoration projects is greater than ever.  There are paints available at prices as low $40 a gallon that are labeled and/or marketed for automotive use while typical automotive paint used in repair shops averages $350-400 per gallon just for the color alone, not including primers, and clearcoats.  With such a substantial difference in price, can you trust that the cheap car paints are going to give you an acceptable finish?  Answers like “you get what you pay for” are common responses to this question.  However, after decades of experience as insiders in the automotive paint market, we prefer to answer this question with “do your homework and you can save hundreds or thousands and get what you need”.

If you do a little digging on the internet or ask your local professional painter you can get some horror stories about how paint jobs done with cheap car paints.  I’ve heard countless stories about certain brands giving poor coverage, terrible gloss, substantial orange peel, and/or after effects of poor gloss and color retention.  Products with this kind of performance are rightfully termed cheap with the low quality stigma being appropriately assigned.  If you consider the time, effort, and labor expense required to use these types of products they are definitely not worth the price.  Unfortunately, many cheap auto paints have been created by cutting corners on critical ingredients such as pigments (typically the most expensive part of an auto paint formulation), and solids.  This results in poor hiding and often poor gloss and durability.  Lowering cost by sacrificing raw material quality rarely works out in the long run.

On the other hand, harnessing modern technology to lower costs through efficiency improvements and a targeted niche offering can lead to incredible savings in operations. By saving substantial amounts on operations we have created a line of HIGH QUALITY custom paints that are often 1/3rd the price of other brands of comparable quality.  We don’t like to consider it cheap car paint per see due to the quality stigma associated with the word “cheap”.  Most automotive paint companies have large sales and marketing budgets to spread the word and sell their products, which adds a lot to the paint cost itself.  We have zero sales and marketing people.  Rather, we use e-technologies like the internet and social media to spread the word about our products.  It is likely you are reading this article as result of an e-marketing activity.  Furthermore, we are able to save a lot of money by focusing on a smaller segment of the overall automotive market, specialty paints.  We literally save millions by not matching 60,000++ car colors needed to compete in the collision repair market.  As a result we are able to make and sell paints with high quality raw materials and formulations and save you substantial amounts of money with our low overhead.

It’s easy for someone to say they have a high quality product but we can show it with thousands of unbiased reviews and testimonials from thousands of real users.   Beware of companies that simply offer testimonials on their site.  Naturally, they are only going to put the testimonials online that cast their product in the best light.  If you click on the “Check our Reviews” button you’ll see live reviews from our eBay sales site which we cannot delete or change.  We take great pride in our product and service and we hope you give us the opportunity to prove this is not just cheap car paint rather outstanding paint at the price of cheap car paints.