Customers seeing "Red" When it comes to Activators

UA-41You may have noticed in recent orders a red cap on your activators.  We have begun the process of switching the caps on all our urethane activators over to red in order to make them more easily distinguishable from the reducer which continues to have the white caps.  This is part of our campaign to make things are easy as possible for our painters and does not reflect a change in the product formulation or performance. You can expect the same great performance from our 2K (two part) urethane products.  We are working through inventory so you may continue to see some white capped activator materials for a while so don't be surprised to see those on shipments in the coming months as well.  At this time, most all orders of the standard activator , UA-41, in quarts are shipping out with red caps.

We initiated this project at the suggestion of numerous customer's request.  Thanks to those who come to us with suggestions on improving our offering.  If you have ideas to improve our products, service, or support by all means let us know!  You, the customer, are our greatest design experts!