Introduction to Candy Paints

Candy paints or kandy paints as some call them are types of paints applied on automobiles that are typically high gloss and brightly colored in nature. These types of paints are capable of making a stunning finish for your car and allow you to drive in style. If you have the desire for complete car transformation, Kandy paints can be of great help in fulfilling this desire. Once candy paints are applied in your car, you can expect for an eye-catching look and impressive car image. With the noticeable shine, your car will surely be the center of attraction and attention off the road.

Candy paints are preferred by several car owners who want to restore their car or improve its appeal. These types of paints have distinct features that make these unique as compared to traditional car paints. These paints are an automotive finish system consisting of a base coat that is typically metallic with large and small metallic flakes followed by the candy paint and finally, the clear coat to help protect the candy. Candy paint is a translucent color paint that can either be a clear coat combined with dye or a special candy paint mixture.

The darkness and final color of candy paint finish depend on the darkness and color of the basecoat, number of coats applied and amount of candy coat tint. This particular type of paint requires lots of careful sanding and is considered as labor intensive. However, many car owners who want to customize their car prefer these paints over the other types available because of the unique appeal.

For optimal results in candy painting, individuals are advised to consult a skilled painter. This helps them get the persistent color as variations of thickness in the candy paint are expected to appear as light or dark patches and streaks in the final finish. Unlike any other paints, candy paints offer high quality pigments, giving individuals balance distribution of color. Candy concentrates are available that can help car owners achieve their desired candy color.

Candy paints are now frequently demanded because of these provide maximum color impact for that “wow” factor. These are meant to be applied on the top surface of your car but must be properly layered to achieve the effects and impacts that you want. If you are really concerned about ultimate custom finish for your car, it is a brilliant option to consider candy paints during your next car project.

Aside from car owners, candy paints are also the favorites of car painters. These paints are popular and commonly used these days because they offer a flashier look that can be noticed easily. Some of the popular colors of candy paints are cobalt blue, apple red, candy orange, organic green, candy turquoise, and lime green. You have probably seen some of these colors in your community and may be one of the many individuals who have appreciated the extraordinary look.

Candy paints are ultimately useful in providing you with unmatched custom design. But in order to achieve success on candy paints, individuals are advised to buy only the authentic products.