Chrome Effect Colors

Chrome effect paints are sprayable liquid paints that mimic the reflective effect of real chrome.  The technology is based on ultra-thin aluminum platelets that when properly oriented align to give a mirror reflective look much like real chrome.  The process of creating this effect is a multi-step process that typically takes several days to carry out.  In order to achieve a planar orientation on the special pigments in the chrome effect layer it must be applied over a cured, solvent resistant, high gloss coating.  Typically a quality 2K urethane clear is used as it provides both the gloss and solvent resistance required for the chrome paint effect to work.  While it may seem a bit unusual to apply paint over a clear, gloss surface it is required to achieve the chrome effect.  Scuff sanding the clear before applying the chrome is not recommended as it will prevent the special platelets from aligning smoothly enough  to create a uniform reflection.  Fortunately, our Ultra-Chrome product has been designed with special additives that allow adhesion over the glossy surface without sanding.  It is important to remove all surface imperfections in the gloss clear before applying the Ultra-Chrome layer.  This usually requires wet sanding and polishing all or part of the glossy layer.

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