Color Charts Displays Update

We have some good news and bad news regarding our color charts and display launches.  The bad news is a critical piece of equipment we use to make our color charts is broken and will take a 5-6 days to fix.  This means a delay in our candy color charts which were due out earlier this week.  We hope to have the parts installed our an alternative in place to get these finished up next week and on the website for new orders. We're pretty excited how the chart is shaping up and eager to make it available to you guys.  It will be our first candy chart featuring both 2K urethane candys and candy graphic color basecoats.

The Good news is we are starting to spray shapes for the chameleon display sets.  We are hand spraying these on shapes like we have in the past but these shapes have a pre-drilled hole that can be used to hang on the wall of your shop.  They make a great sales aid.  In fact, shops have reported impulse buys where customers came in wanting a standard paint job and they were able to easily upgrade them to the more lucrative color changing system based on the excitement over seeing the colors.  They easily pay for themselves in one paint job.

KonFusion Speed Shapes

The next series of color charts we'll be working on are the 3 stage pearl colors which we call our 500 series. We're adding a lot of new colors in this series and having a lot of fun doing it!  We're in the process of spraying them now.  The plan is to have them available on the site on or before March 21st.  Be sure to sign up for our mailing list to be notified when these are released!