Custom Motorcycle Paint Colors

If you’re looking for quality custom motorcycle paint at an incredible value then you have come to the right place.  We have the best selection of custom paint colors for your bike at prices you never thought possible.  Our color palette includes candy paints, chameleon paints,  chrome effect paints, pearl paints, metallic paints and all the primers and clears needed to do the job right.  Furthermore, to make it easier we’ve put together color kits to make ordering easier.   These are quality products made in the USA by UreKem performance paints.  Visit the reviews links below to see thousands of unbiased reviews from real customers.Read below for more information on how these products can help you ride in style.


Why Buy from Us?


1.) Legendary Quality

These are quality products made in the USA by us, UreKem performance paints.  We go to great links to choose raw materials and put together solid production and quality processes to ensure a product that is easy to work with and lasts.  Our primary means of advertising is by word of mouth which means we must have a quality product or why else would so many of our customers recommend it to family and friends?  Visit the reviews links below to see thousands of unbiased reviews from real customers.

2.) We Have The Colors You Want

We have a wide range of colors to suit everyone’s personal taste and empower your creativity for a unique ride.  To see our color options visit choose the colors option from the menu above to see color options and learn more about what makes each type of color unique.  Ready to shop?  Hit the shop by color button below to hop over to the store and choose your color category.


4.) The Lowest Cost for a Quality Product

Our unique business model allows us to sell quality products at prices often half that of competitive brands.  We have zero sales and marketing people and we don’t sponsor shows, cars and race teams like many of our competitors.  This combined with our automated workflows saves us incredible amounts of money which we in turn give back in the form of lower prices for good stuff.  Our kits are of particularly great values.

5.) Fast Shipping Directly to Your Door

We work really hard to get your orders out timely and hassle free.  Orders generally ship within two business days by either UPS or Fedex depending on your location.  Upon shipment of your order an automated email is sent with tracking details.




More Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What type of primer do I need to purchase?

The type of primer you should use depends on the condition your bike is currently in.

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