Pearl Car Paint Colors

Pearl car paint colors are those which have been made from special pearl and transparent pigments.  These colors feature rich chromatic colors that have a more “color depth” than conventional metallic colors.  Pearl pigments offer the unique advantage of offering a colored shimmer which allows greater opportunities for creating deep rich colors.

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Pearl car paint colors are generally broken down into either “two stage” or “three stage” (often called tricoats)  pearl colors.   Two stage pearl colors are those which can be applied directly over primers whereas three stage pearl colors have both a basecoat and a pearl midcoat required to achieve the final color.  Due to the nature of certain pigments, some colors such as white pearls are only available in a three stage system.  Generally speaking, three stage pearl colors feature a stronger pearl effect than those of two stage pearls.  However, three stage systems are typically more expensive and more challenging to apply than those of  two stage nature.  All pearl colors tend to have some transparency, particularly those of medium and lighter shades. As a result, pearl colors should only be applied once the vehicle has been either primed all one color (in the case of two stage pearls) or the basecoat applied in the case of the three stage pearls.  Whether you opt for two stage pearl colors or those of the three stage variety, color appeal is typically the final deciding factor and is very much a personal preference.

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