ColorSeal Polyurethane Primer Sealer Colors

ColorSeal 2K Urethane Primer Sealer Colors 1.5 Quart Kit

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Kit Includes

One (1) QUARTof ColorSeal 2K Urethane Primer Sealer

One (1) HALF PINTof Activator

One (1) HALF PINTof Reducer

ColorSeal US80 series is a two component polyurethane primer system designed with urethane reactant copolymers,extender pigments, and additives to create a primer that applies easily to a smooth finish for painting and seals off layers beneath. The wide variety of color selections ensures you can find a color compatible with your topcoat color. Matching your topcoat color with the nearest ColorSeal color ensures best coverage and reduces stone chip and scratch visibility. Mixes4 parts primer US 80 series primer with 1 part UA Series activator and then reduce as needed (typically applied at 4:1:1. Available in a variety of colors in quarts and gallons.

Check your local regulations for compliance issues. We offer Low V.O.C. finished for customers in areas that require Low V.O.C. compliance. Contact us for more information at [email protected].


NOTE: Automotive paints, such as those represented on this site, can be hazardous to your health, and as such, require specialized equipment and training to use properly and safely. These products are designed for use by professionally trained autobody painters with proper personal protective equipment (PPE) in an approved spray booth and are not recommended for at home or "do it yourself" type applications.

WARNING: This product contains a chemical known to the State of California to cause cancer.

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Many states, counties, and/or municipalities have regulations regarding the application of low volatile organic compound (VOC) paint. The states shown in red below currently require the purchase of low VOC paint, but it there are other areas with regulations.

Before ordering, please check your local regulations. If you need more information concerning low VOC products, please email us at [email protected].

Low VOC Map

Canada and several US states have laws requiring the use of Low VOC coatings. Be sure to check local regulations before ordering.

27 reviews for ColorSeal 2K Urethane Primer Sealer Colors 1.5 Quart Kit

Based on 27 reviews
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  1. Michael A. (Verified Customer)

    Great product fair price arrived on time if you have a good clean surface lays down very well

  2. Joe B. (Verified Customer)

  3. Larry Bigelow (Verified Customer)

  4. Kirk High (Verified Customer)

    Good quality product.

  5. Joseph Henrich (Verified Customer)

    great but would have needed more reducer if I used the whole batch.

  6. Verified Buyer (Verified Customer)

    Really good sealer

  7. craig casto (Verified Customer)

    Excellent product

  8. Delbert Johnson (Verified Customer)

  9. Raymond Leslie (Verified Customer)

  10. VICTOR R. (Verified Customer)

  11. Steve Moris (Verified Customer)

  12. Christopher Kerhin (Verified Customer)

    Haven’t used this order yet. But love your products! Have used your primers, sealers, base and clear. Great products and reasonable prices for do it yourselfers on a budget!!

  13. Eric Smith (Verified Customer)

  14. Larry Thompson (Verified Customer)

  15. casey (Verified Customer)

  16. Darius Harris (Verified Customer)

    Great primer/sealer and very affordable.

  17. scott v. (Verified Customer)

  18. Craig O. (Verified Customer)

  19. Danny T. (Verified Customer)

    This paint store is always on time with a great product and a great price

  20. Rhonda (Verified Customer)

  21. Cj Crain (Verified Customer)

    Lays smooth

  22. Barry G. (Verified Customer)

    This is the first time I’ve used this product and it worked great!!!!!

  23. jamman barr (Verified Customer)

    This is the nicest sealer I have every used laid out silky smooth as referenced in the name,

  24. Greg (Verified Customer)

  25. robert rothman (Verified Customer)

  26. Cj Crain (Verified Customer)

    Lays flat

  27. Sterling (Verified Customer)

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