Key West Harbor Blue Pearl 3 Stage Auto Paint and Kit Options


Use drop down menus below to select the basecoat alone, midcoat alone, or bundles of each with reducer, activator and clear.  Answer each question and then click “add to cart”.

All of these items are required to make this color.   However, if you already have some of these items you don’t have to purchase each one.  Simply select the appropriate response in the drop-down menu for each.

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Answer the questions above to purchase a kit with base, midcoat, clear, and all activators and reducers required or purchase the paint alone if desired.   This is a light greenish blue with a beautiful pearl sparkle in the sun.

NOTE: Automotive paints, such as those represented on this site, can be hazardous to your health, and as such, require specialized equipment and training to use properly and safely. These products are designed for use by professionally trained autobody painters with proper personal protective equipment (PPE) in an approved spray booth and are not recommended for at home or "do it yourself" type applications.

WARNING: This product contains a chemical known to the State of California to cause cancer.

Many states, counties, and/or municipalities have regulations regarding the application of low volatile organic compound (VOC) paint. The states shown in red below currently require the purchase of low VOC paint, but it there are other areas with regulations.

Before ordering, please check your local regulations. If you need more information concerning low VOC products, please email us at

Low VOC Map

Canada and several US states have laws requiring the use of Low VOC coatings. Be sure to check local regulations before ordering.


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