Description: Teal Solid Color Paint is a darker than our Vibrant Green but lighter than our Forest Green.

Code: SGC-G122

Name: Teal Solid Color

Color Family: Green

Opacity: Semi-Opaque – Layers beneath will have an impact on final color.

Layering Requirements: 2 Stage solid color. No specific color required beneath.

Recommended Primer/Base Color: White or Light Grey Sealer works great.

Outdoor Light-Fastness: This color has good weathering characteristics when used properly as part of our system.

Sizes Available: Quarts and Gallon.

Platforms Available: Basecoat & Single Stage

Kits Available: Motorcycle Kit, Car Kit

Recommended Application: 50-75% depending on your gun set up.

For more information on our solid colors hop over to the Solid Colors Page or learn more about all colors in the car paint colors page.