Toyota Code 1E3 Phantom Gray Pearl Metallic Auto Paint


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Wanting to repair a factory paint job?  See the note below about factory variations.


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Painting Part of a Factory Finish

Because of variations in color from the factory we do not recommend purchasing paint from us or any vendor to paint part of your factory paint job unless you have used part of your vehicle to choose the proper color variation.  Many people dont realize that most factory paint codes will have multiple color versions for that code that can vary greatly in color despite having the same factory color code and name.  This happens because the vehicles will often vary in color during the manufacture of your vehicle due to many factors including but not limited to paint differences from batch to batch, differences in application technique, and differences in paint type from car plant to car plant.  For instance, Ford code YZ, Oxford white has more than 17 different color variations known despite each vehicle having the same “YZ” code stamped on the identification tag.  Each of those 17 different color variations will have its on unique paint formula in order to match it.  In other words, no one formula can match all 17 different colors.  This creates headaches for collision repair shops to identify which color version is on the vehicle and mix the correct version to match the vehicle.  Professionals typically use either a special color measuring camera called a spectrophotometer or color chips to identify which version is on a vehicle and then mix that version.  Even with these tools painters in body shops still typically have to do what is called a blend repair to ensure color uniformity.

We (UreChem & TheCoatingStore) do not make paints for collision repair.  As such, we do not offer factory variations for the paint codes we sell on the website.  We choose one version for a given paint code and match it.  Therefore, our factory paints matches will not match all the vehicles on the road in a given paint code.  We recommend our factory paints for painting the whole vehicle only.

If you need to paint just part of your vehicle we recommend you purchase locally so you can take part of your vehicle (gas doors work great) down to your local paint store and ask them to help you identify the correct variation on the vehicle.  If you simply give the guy behind the counter your paint code you greatly reduce the chances of it matching.  Using the example above if you walked up to the paint counter and said you need a quart of paint code YZ you would have a 1 in 17 chance of ti matching since they can only mix you 1 version and there are at least 17 versions on the road.  However, if you bring a piece of the vehicle in and ask them to find the closest variation or alternate then you are much more likely to get the correct mix for your vehicle.

NOTE: Automotive paints, such as those represented on this site, can be hazardous to your health, and as such, require specialized equipment and training to use properly and safely. These products are designed for use by professionally trained autobody painters with proper personal protective equipment (PPE) in an approved spray booth and are not recommended for at home or "do it yourself" type applications.

WARNING: This product contains a chemical known to the State of California to cause cancer.

Many states, counties, and/or municipalities have regulations regarding the application of low volatile organic compound (VOC) paint. The states shown in red below currently require the purchase of low VOC paint, but it there are other areas with regulations.

Before ordering, please check your local regulations. If you need more information concerning low VOC products, please email us at

Low VOC Map

Canada and several US states have laws requiring the use of Low VOC coatings. Be sure to check local regulations before ordering.

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