About Us

UreChem automotive paints are high-quality automotive paint products, made in the USA at our factory in South Mississippi, and TheCoatingStore.com is the exclusive online store for UreChem automotive paints.  We are a family owned and operated paint manufacturer and distributor committed to making a high-quality product and selling it for a fair price. We have our own award-winning polymer chemist with more than 25 years of experience formulating high-quality automotive paint products. Our factory is equipped with the latest equipment to make and test those products to ensure they meet the strict quality standards required by the automotive industry.

After working in the industry for larger, market-leading paint companies for many years, we started our own company in 2008 because we saw a real market need for high quality, affordable materials in colors people actually could get excited about.  We made our first gallon of paint in 2009 and our product has now been successfully used on well over 50,000 cars, trucks, buses, motorcycles, planes, boats, guitars and even rockets all across North America.  Chances are you have admired our finishes at your local car show.

Our unique sales and marketing strategy allows us to sell a premium product at a price that’s often half to 1/3rd the price listed by many competitors. Smart manufacturing, sales, and order automation through the internet reduces the operating cost for our business dramatically when compared to conventional automotive coatings sales techniques. This allows us to make a high quality paint product and sell it for a really good price. For example, while most of our competitors require a large sales team to sell their products nationwide, our marketing approach allows us to sell nationwide with zero salespeople.  In our experience “word-of-mouth” advertising spreads fast when you make a great product and sell it at a fair price!  Read on to learn more about why you should buy UreChem automotive paints from TheCoatingStore.com.

Why Buy Your Car Paint from TheCoatingStore.com?

1. Quality Products

Our products are designed, tested, and manufactured to provide quality comparable to major automotive paint brands’ high-end products. Major automotive paint lines have product lines with multiple quality and pricing levels. Our products cover, lay down, appear, and hold up comparable to the higher brands often costing 2-3 times more than our product. Our products typically cover better and hold up better than the average low-cost product line from the major brands.  We’re not into sales hype.  Check out our customer reviews and our videos demonstrating how we make a quality product.

2. Vibrant Colors

Our product line features vibrant, rich custom colors and cool factory colors to suit a wide range of tastes, from mild to wild. Whether someone is restoring a classic or personalizing a newer vehicle, we have the automotive paint colors you and your customers want. Furthermore, we offer a hand sprayed color chart for our most popular colors to help you choose your color in person.

3. Helpful Support

Questions about how to approach your project? We’re here to help. With painters and a chemist on staff, we can answer your technical questions or give you the needed information to track your shipment's progress or help you find the items you need on the website. For support call us at 877-583-0040 or email us at [email protected]

4. Fast and Free Shipping

Our team works hard to ship items fast and accurately. 99+% of orders ship within 2 business days and arrive quickly and safely at their destination. Tracking information is automatically emailed when your items ship. Orders over $400 ship for free!

5. Unbelievable Savings!

We are saving custom, restoration, and fleet shops thousands off their paint bill every month. Our products defy the “you get what you pay for'' cliché, and we’d love the opportunity to prove it.

Shop our online store for the best automotive coatings you've ever used and save!