Custom Car Paint Colors - Lots To Choose From

When most people talk about custom car paint, they're talking about any paint that isn't original factory paint. Here at The Coating Store, we think of custom car paint as a whole range of options - metallics, pearls, candys, low gloss (flat) colors, chameleon paint that changes colors, chrome paint, and of course solid paint.

But we think factory paint colors can be custom paint too! If you apply an original 60's muscle car factory color to a newer vehicle (or vice versa), that's custom paint too.

Below, we outline the main custom car paint options and colors available to help you decide what's best for your project.

Custom Car Paint Colors
There are more than 80,000 distinct car paint colors
Burnt Orange Metallic

Metallic Colors

Metallic car paint colors have finely ground reflective flakes that give it a unique sparkle. These reflective flakes are often made of metal, hence the name "metallic."

When metallic pigments are combined with a wide range of transparent pigments and flake additives, thousands of distinctly different car paint colors can be created. We offer hundreds of popular metallic paint colors, and you can learn more about metallic paint here.

Pearl Car Paint Colors

Pearl paint colors are made by combining special pearlescent pigments with traditional transparent pigments. Because of the way pearl colors are created, most people say that they have more "color depth" than the typical custom paint.

Much like metallic paint, pearl paint is a popular custom option. You'll find it on everything from show cars to brand new luxury SUVs.

Pearl paints are typically organized by the number of coatings needed to create them. A single stage pearl is one coating, while a 3 stage pearl has a base, mid, and top coating. We have a huge selection of pearls in single, two, and three stages.

Root Beer Pearl
Candy apple red

Candy Colors

When someone mentions custom car paint, it's hard not to think about candy apple red. It's a well-known custom paint color that looks incredible.

Most people love candy paints because of their unmatched depth and "wet" look, which is a result of a multi-step application process. Traditional candy paint requires 3 coatings: a sparkling basecoat,a transparent colored "candy" midcoat, and a high gloss urethane clear.

Here at The Coating Store, we offer traditional, pearlized, and 2K urethane candy paint coatings, each with their own pros and cons. To learn more, visit our candy paint page.

Solid Colors

Solid color paint is the basis of every custom paint job - without it, we wouldn't be able to do much.

The most popular solid colors are black and white - two colors that look great on almost any vehicle. Solid color paints can be applied in single, two, or three stages, and can be purchased in low gloss and high gloss finishes.

Solid color paints are often chosen because of their durability, ease of application, and inexpensive price. You can shop all our solid color options here.

Jet Black
Toxic Tide Chameleon

Chameleon Paint

Chameleon paints are color changing, shifting between distinctly different colors depending on how or where they are viewed. Chameleon paint has been offered on limited edition new vehicles, and is also popular with customization enthusiasts.

Typically, chameleon paint has 3-5 distinctly different colors depending on the viewing angle, and when applied properly chameleon paint is fairly durable.

Custom vs. Factory Colors

If you paint your vehicle a factory color it didn't come with, is it a custom paint job?

We offer hundreds of different factory paint colors that look great on new and old vehicles alike - Audi's Nano Grey Pearl, for example, looks pretty fantastic on a classic Chevy square body pickup.

Factory colors are popular because they're easy to see face-to-face, affordable, and easy to touch-up. It's also fun to put a new factory color on an older vehicle (and vice versa) - great trivia for your next cars and coffee!

GM Chevy Camaro #34 Rally Sunburst Yellow
Car Paint Colors
Color chart with samples of every major paint type

Can't Decide? We've Got Samples

With more than 80,000 automotive paint colors available, choosing the right color for your vehicle can be a challenge.

The good news? We've got color chip samples for you to make it a little easier.

Ordering a few samples is a good way to get a sense of how the colors you're interested in will appear.