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UA Series Universal Urethane Activators

All urethane and polyurethane products in the UreChem product line have been formulated to work with our series of universal urethane activators and are available in three speeds for optimizing reactivity and flow for your specific job.

  • UA-40 Fast Urethane Activator
  • UR-41 Standard Urethane Activator
  • UR-42 Slow Urethane Activator

The UA series activators are formulated using urethane grade solvents and industry leading isocyanurate trimers to ensure long term stability and weatherability.

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Universal Flow Enhancer Additive

Universal Flow Enhancer Additive

A well engineered line of additives is a must for any professional autobody repair shop to have on hand. We offer several UreChem additives to help you complete any job:

  • Reducers
  • Activators
  • Accelerators
  • Eliminators
  • Blenders
  • Enhancers

UreChem additives are formulated, tested, and manufactured with an eye towards professional custom and restoration shops across North America. We have our own award winning polymer chemist with more than 25 years experience formulating coatings including time with well known North American and European brands.


Clear Coats

Low V.O.C. 2K MS PolyUrethane Clearcoat

Low V.O.C. 2K MS PolyUrethane Clearcoat

Automotive clear coats are a critical part of any refinish system as they control many of the aesthetic and durability properties of the final finish. We've designed a concise line of clears suited to common application styles, dry times, and regulatory requirements:

  • 2K MS PolyUrethane Clearcoat (UC-410)
  • 2K HS PolyUrethane Clearcoat (UC-210)
  • Low V.O.C. 2K MS PolyUrethane Clearcoat (UC-421)
  • Low Gloss 2K HS PolyUrethane Clearcoat (UC-44)
  • Intercoat Clear (IC-100)

Our clearcoats are made from premium resins, solvents, and additives from the largest raw material suppliers in the world. Each clear is fortified with a blend of UV absorbers (ie sunscreen for paint) and light stabilizers to protect both the clear and the colors beneath.


Color Selectors

Custom Car Paint Colors Selector

Custom Car Paint Colors Selector

This chart contains actual sprayouts of our hottest 160 colors:

  • Solids
  • Metallics
  • 2 Stage Pearls
  • 3 Stage Effects

The colors on this chart are based on weatherable pigments for long lasting durability. These are hand sprayed with the actual paint color and not an "ink representation" as other companies do.

The chart ships for free to the continental U.S by USPS.


Hot Rod Black

Flat Black

One of Our Hot Rod Black Options

Flat and low gloss black colors are more popular than ever, especially for hot rodders.

  • Affordable and easy to apply paint
  • Weathers nicely
  • Looks original

We also offer low gloss paint in several colors besides black - visit our shop page to see what we have.

Metal Flakes

Fire Flake Kandy Metal Flake Selector

Fire Flake Kandy Metal Flake Selector

We offer two types of flakes. Both are made from solvent resistant polymers that are metallized and coated for deep color and durability:

  • Fire Flake Kandy Metal Flake
  • Flip Flake Holographic Metal Flake

Kandy Metal flake colors come in two convenient particle sizes; 1/165th (F Series) and 1/65th (BF Series) of an inch and cut to hexagonal geometry for excellent balance of sparkle with application ease.

Holographic Metal flake is micro embossed to give them a unique "holographic" effect of shimmering rainbow color. These Holographic metal flakes look incredible when mixed with Kandy color, or use with our IC100 or IC101 intercoat clear for best effect.

Patina Effects

Patina Examples

Patina Examples

Our WornFX Faux Patina kit allows you to create aged, worn-in looks while maintaining the integrity of your vehicle.

With some patience, and a relatively simple sanding and layering technique, you can give your car a road-worn appearance that will give it tons of character.

This effect takes a bit of practice to execute, so we recommend watching our demonstration video here to get an idea of what to expect.

Pearl Powder

Amethyst Frost Pearl White

Amethyst Frost Pearl White

Our pearl powders are made with raw materials from market leading suppliers of automotive quality effect pearls. We offer three categories of pearlescent powder for varying effects and personal preference

  • Traditional Mica Pearls (ClassicFx)
  • Xirallic® Pearls (Screamin' Pearl)
  • Glassed Based Pearls aka "ICE" Pearl (PrismFx)

The pearl powder you use depends primarily on the effect you are after. The Coating Store has everything from natural based mica based pearls in our ClassicFx series, which produces a wide array of effects in a more affordable cost range, all the way up to Newer synthetic pearlescent materials such as Merck KGaA's Xirallic® series of effect powders.

Primers & Sealers

Polyurethane Primer UP-61

Polyurethane Primer UP-61

Primer is the paint-like base that's applied to sanded metal so that the top coat of paint can adhere. We offer several primer options to suit your needs:

  • OxyStik 2K Epoxy
  • ChemFill HS PolyUrethane Primer Surfacer (UP 61)
  • ColorSeal PolyUrethane Sealer (US 80 Series)

The Coating Store also sells QuadFlex Adhesion Promoter, QF-777, a multi-functional specialty polymer solution suitable as an adhesion promoter for a wide variety of substrates including plastics commonly encountered in automotive finishing.

Single Stage Topcoat

Vivid Black Single Stage Topcoat

Vivid Black is one of our single stage topcoat color options

Single stage topcoats offer a durable, high gloss finish that's easy to apply with great flow and leveling.

  • Metallic, Pearl, and Solid paint types available
  • Vehicle (gallon) size and Motorcycle (quart) size kits available

Our UreTop single stage topcoats offer a value and quality that can't be beat!


UR Series Urethane Grade Reducers

UR Series Urethane Grade Reducers

Our urethane grade thinners are designed specifically for our urethane basecoats and topcoats to ensure good atomization, flow, and leveling while minimizing the risk of moisture reactions and retention in the film.

Choose a reducer based on temperature AND the size of the item to be painted. When painting an average sized vehicle we suggest the following temperature ranges:

  • UR-010 Fast Urethane Reducer (Less than 70F)
  • UR-011 Standard Urethane Reducer (70F to 85F)
  • UR-012 Slow Urethane Reducer (85F and Above)

For smaller objects such as motorcycle tanks and fenders, you can typically use one grade faster of thinner than those numbers for a car.

Important Note: We don’t (and no one else does to our knowledge) recommend painting our products at temperatures below 60F air temperature or item temperature!

Surface Cleaners

CHEM-CLEAN Wax, and Grease Remover (SBWG)

CHEM-CLEAN Wax, and Grease Remover (SBWG)

Critical to the performance of any coating system is having a properly prepared substrate. We offer two types of cleaners that help ensure your prep work is done properly.

CHEM-CLEAN Wax, and Grease Remover (SBWG)

Chem-Clean, SBWG, is a solvent blend designed to dissolve common contaminants including waxes, greases and silcones so they can be wiped away leaving a clean paintable surface. This is an excellent choice as a final clean wipe on lightly soiled substrates. Fast evaporating with no residuals left behind to effect coating performance.

HYDRO-CLEAN Water-Borne Surface Cleaner (WBWG)\

Hydro-Clean, WBWG, is a water-based blend of surfactant and water miscible co-solvent designed to lift and emulsify waxes, greases and silicones commonly found on surfaces. The emulsification of contaminants helps reduce re-distribution across the surface making Hydro-Clean a more user friendly and environmentally sound pre-cleaning product. Hydro-Clean is also suitable as a surface cleaner for plastic repairs following our recommended process.