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Classic Restoration Colors

'53 to '77 Chevrolet Corvette car paint colors

Original factory colors from vehicles 25 years old or older

Our classic restoration colors match the original factory colors offered on popular classic vehicles from the 50s, 60s, and 70s, with the benefits of modern coating technology.

  1. Deep, rich colors that resist fading and cracking
  2. Durable, high gloss clear coat
  3. Modern metallics additives for better shine

Whether you're working on a restoration or looking for an era-appropriate color, check out our classic restoration colors.

Custom Colors

Tru Blue Pearl Custom Paint

If it's a color that was not available on a newer car - and was never offered on a classic car - we call it a custom color. Our custom colors are available in every type, from single stage solid colors to metallics to three stage pearls. All our custom colors are specially formulated for brilliance and durability, with a variety of clear coats available.

Our urethane coatings use premium polymers, pigments (or dyes in our candy colors), solvents, and additives for richness, ease of application, and maximum durability.

Factory Colors

Honda B575P Still Night Blue

Choosing the best color for your vehicle isn't easy, but our factory colors make it a little less challenging. Our factory colors match popular options offered on late model vehicles, which means you can often find a vehicle in your area in the color you're interested in. That way, you can see how the color looks in person to help you choose.

We also offer factory colors offered by motorcycle manufacturers, which makes selecting the right color for your bike a little bit easier.

Pop Culture Colors

Galaxy Blue Pearl White

Galaxy Blue Pearl White 3 Stage Paint

Our pop culture colors are inspired by (you guessed it) popular culture! Make a statement or show your appreciation for popular culture with our ever-growing selection of interesting, trendy, and clever paint colors.

Is there a pop culture color that you'd like to see? Contact us and let us know.